Minutes of the meeting of 20 Dec 2018 Venue Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

P.W.G minutes of the meeting 20\12\18 at Neos Sports Club, Pegeia. Greetings scribes, the last meeting before the festive holiday break was very lively, well attended with plenty of Christmas stories. After the break we resume on 10 January 2019. Rich Palmer secretary. Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Jennie Rook, Beryl Lowe, Caroline Harman-Smith, Haurice Holloway, Michael White, June Megennis, Pat Wilson, Paul Trebess. Readings: Maurice Story Charming Caroline Story Buttons Beryl Story Mrs Cinderella Jennie Story Cinderella Paul Story Cinderella Svetla

Minutes of meeting 13 December 2018 Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Greetings scribes, after a three week absence it was nice to be backat the group meeting which was well attended. Present: John Goodwin, Richard Palmer, June Megennes, Pat Wilson, Michael White, Derek Whittle, Paul Trebess, Beryl Lowe, Nikki Burrows, Caroline Harman-Smith, Maurice Holloway, Svetlana Garshina. The meeting began with a discussion on the homework which was the story of Cinderella. Each member had chosen a character and wrote their story from that point of view. Readings: Michael Story Salmonella Caroline Story I Mouse Nikki Story From the horse’s mouth John Story Dandin

Minutes of Meeting of 6 December 2018 Venue: Neo’s Sports Club, Pegeia

Present: John Goodwin Jennie Rook Gillian Ainsworth Michael White Nikki Burrows Bob Barker Paul Trebess Greetings Scribes, The meeting opened with readings from the homework: Mike Fantasy a local story set at the Transport department in Paphos Gill ‘Ride the wild wind’ excerpt from the short story Nikki ‘The Zeus Factor’ excerpt from the novel John ‘The Count’s Lament’ poem Coffee break: 11.00 am to 11.15 am Jennie Back story of Fairyland creation of the fantasy world in ‘Fairyland’ John ‘Interview with the Count’

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