P.W.G Minutes of the Meeting on 20 July 2017

Venue: Neo’s Sports Club, Peyia As most of you know, we are now involved with the writing of a new novel, entitled 'All flights cancelled' and it is to be written by members wishing to take part. Each member are free to choose their own character and write approximately seven thousand words to be integrated with other members’ characters. You can, if you wish have a secondary character. It is going to take a few years (!) to complete so happy writing to all. Present: John Goodwin Rich Palmer Jennie Rook Nikki McCarthy Jordi Gordi Dee Leigh Stewart Waddell Claudine Snell Caroline Harman Discussion on book project. Project notes Number 1

Minutes of PWG Meeting 13/07/17

PRESENT Jordi Guri (JGu), John Goodwin (JG) Nikki Burrows (NB) Jennie Rook (JR) Caroline (C) Eddie Kent (EK) Stewart(S) The meeting commenced at 10am and was chaired by JG, who welcomed everyone. READINGS The members were then invited to read out their offerings, but nobody had prepared anything on this occasion. PROJECT. There then followed deep discussion regarding the characters for the project. JG pointed out that there was to be no lead character, not point of view. It would only be a “fly on the wall” perspective confined to the single area/room in which the characters are stuck, thus nothing thought could be reported unless it was relayed in gestures/body

PWG Minutes of the Meeting 6 July 2017

Venue: Neo's Sports Club, Peyia Greetings scribes, It's all systems go for the exciting, new project of this year's collaborative novel with each participating member creating a character and writing a story of approximately 7,000 words each. The character's story will be woven into the novel and around the plot. The setting is on a Portuguese island known as 'Ilha Sagrada', (Sacred Island) in the Azores, where all the characters are stranded in the airport terminal building, now held by rebels. (See notes given in the meeting for the scenarios). Present: John Goodwin Rich Palmer Jennie Rook Stewart Waddell Dee Leigh Caroline Harman Jordi Gordi

PWG Minutes of the meeting 29 June 2017

Venue: Neo's Sports Club, Peyia Greetings scribes, the hot weather has really kicked in as we head towards our summer break in a couple of weeks. As usual, our stalwart regulars supported the meeting. Present : John Goodwin Rich Palmer Jennie Rook Caroline Harman Beryl Lowe Dee Leigh Eddy Kent Stewart Waddell We had a long discussion on character writing with the intention of each member creating their own character, to form a group of people thrown together by circumstances beyond their control. The location is to be a tiny island off New Guinea, off the coast of Africa, in a remote area with an aircraft landing strip. The result eventually will be an intere

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