P.W.G. minutes of 22 September 2016

P.W.G. minutes of the meeting of 22 September 2016, at Neos Sports Club, Pegia. Greeting scribes. Present, this week, were: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Stuart Waddell, Kai Neuman, Alain Merheje, Dee Leigh, Jennie Rook, Nicos Protopapas, and poet of the month, Eddy Kent. Since returning from the summer break, the weeks seem to be flying by. No sooner have we wracked our brains looking for dynamic inspiration to write something special, we are set another topic and we are off again. The number of readings recently has been excellent so thanks to all members for attending and sharing their work. It was nice to see Alain Merharje back in the ranks who is waiting for his book, “How to be a wine co

P.W.G. Minutes of the meeting 15/09/16 at Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

P.W.G. Minutes of the meeting 15/09/16 at Neos Sports Club, Pegeia. Another good turnout, present were John Goodwin Rich Palmer Eddy Kent Carol Hartman John Winslow Beryl Lowe Nicos Protopapas Dee Leigh Stewart Waddell Jennie Rook and a holiday guest I found in Latchi on the 'Koulla', Kai Neuman. Kai introduced himself as German nationality living in South Africa He is a G.P. writing a book on depression and he enjoys poetry. Eddy who wrote a poem called 'Where were you', the story of the twin towers 9/11, was surprised to find that John G had done a promotion on Facebook and it received 1460 hits. Keep going Eddy you will get there one day. Caroline began the readings

P.W.G minutes of the meeting 08/09/16

Welcome Scribes. An excellent lively meeting with a good attendance and input of readings. It was nice of you to reserve me a seat next to such charming company. Those present where : John Goodwin Rich Palmer Carol Hartman Eddy Kent John Winslow Nicos Protopapos Stewart Waddell Dee Leigh Paul Rigby Jones on his second and last visit as he returns to the UK. We welcomed Jennie Rook who introduced herself. She has been in Cyprus for 14 years and lives in Yeriskipou. She works as a freelance P.A. mostly on line. She has her own website and wishes to get back into writing. She describes herself as artistic. John presented a video on Rhythm. Comparing the different types of lang

We are proud to announce our poem of the Month. So appropriate for this special day. Where Were You

Where were you when the world stood still And all those people died When the towers of death came tumbling down And the whole world cried Where were you when the towers were hit And the whole world stood still When suicide pilots crashed their planes Not knowing how many they'd kill Can you remember where you were When all of this occurred When the towers of death came tumbling down And a deafening sound was heard Where were you on that fateful day When the innocents boarded the plane Not knowing death flew with them In disguise of men insane Where were you when the screaming started High above your head When the innocent called their loved ones To tell them they'd soon be dead Can you remem

P.W.G Minutes of the meeting 01\09\16 at Neos Sports Club, Peyia

Well it was nice to meet up again after the summer break. Hope you all enjoyed it and have come back totally refreshed bursting with exciting ideas. Due to the heat, visiting family and friends and those who are away we had a low turnout but it did not stop us from having a lively meeting. Those present were: John Goodwin Rich Palmer Dee Leigh Carol Robb Eddy Kent Stewart Waddell, Caroline Hartman and Guest Paul Rigby-Jones. Paul who was here on holiday for a couple of weeks, introduced himself. He came from Chorley, Lancashire and had completed various creative writing courses and is presently working on a novel. At the last meeting it was suggested we write on the basis of a pla

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